Friday, June 28, 2013

Little things add up

There will always be a girlfriend who will ask if you want to go for the over-ritualized trip to Starbucks for coffee. Or, if they are of the hipster variety of friend they will ask you to go Intelligentsia or some other unknown coffee house that specializes in fair trade coffee, beards, and overpriced drinks. These coffee houses have that atmosphere that gives you that feeling to ask, "Did you just move in?". I have a weakness for Starbucks lattes as I'm sure many caffeine fueled women such as myself have adapted. Often, the stifling price of $5.45 for my grande caramel soy makes me wonder why there isn't any Kahlua in it. However, if you do in fact have to go someplace as glamorous as Starbucks I recently discovered a wonderful way to ditch the way too expensive drink.

Iced coffee.

 I know, some of us still long for the summer-time iced latte beverage and iced coffee does not fit the bill. That is what I thought too. I walked in on a sweltering day in June for a welcomed coffee treat. The decorative chalkboard read, "try caramel iced coffee today". Well, I did. Caramel iced coffee with soy; and it tasted exactly like my latte. Its price was $2.45. No more lattes, ever.

photo credit: <a href="">el patojo</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>