Saturday, August 31, 2013

What should it really cost?

When I say deals, I mean real deals. Not sort of cheap. Very cheap. With clothes being manufactured with poorer quality, the hefty price tag really is not necessary. Everything gets marked down. In fact, now I'm starting to believe that sales are not once in a while, but always. The following stores traditionally have a very large clearance section and offer discounts off sale merchandise as well.

Loft always has things on sale. Constantly. Each week it is common to see a 30%, 40%, 50%, and even 60% off already on sale items. They offer a 20% discount off full price merchandise for students, so do not forget your ID. This is the type of store where I would recommend a regular scan of the sale section, particularly for items that you may need for work. Recently, I found a pair of cropped black slacks, and one pair of oatmeal colored pants, each for $4.99. You need to go in store to find those kinds of deals. That's right. Brand new basics. Also, the Loft tends to have items that are machine washable which is great for those of us with a very small dry cleaning budget.

Carsons is another store that has things at extreme discount. Their yellow dot clearance indicates items that are up to 75% off. This is especially promising for shoes. Carson's also sends out regular coupons for 20% off.

Lord and Taylor is another store to check into. Online the clearance does not look that spectacular and the items still seem expensive. But go to the store and look. You may find some great deals. I had a sales woman give me an extra 20% off once just because I was wearing her favorite color.

Thrift stores...need I say more. Some of my favorite places.

But sometimes, digging a little in your closet and pulling out something you haven't worn in a while can give you that same new outfit feeling all over again. Like this dress ($7.00) from Urban Outfitters on sale paired with a vintage necklace ($4.00) from an antique shop.

Total Outfit Price: $11.00.