Monday, July 1, 2013

T-shirt and shorts

Today's outfit is a dressed up version of a t-shirt and shorts. This pair of denim cutoff black shorts is $12.80 from Forever 21. The top is a lime green tee with a unique square neckline and a zipper back detail not shown here. It was $10.00 from Target. The silk floral scarf was $2.00 from a thrift store. The black and white earrings were $1 from a flea market. The vintage look sunglasses are from Dollar General ($1.00). Sometimes I think the greatest outfits are ones with that take minimal effort. Minimal clothing items and a couple easy accessories should be all it takes. Anything else is too much work. If you cannot get ready within the hour it takes before you start your day, you probably are going to be late. Thanks for reading...Style me Cheap.

Total Cost of Outfit: $26