Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cotton Wood

Today I am reviewing a recent impulse purchase Body Treats Cotton Wood Body Splash from h&m. I am always looking for a new scent and often I find that perfumes are very expensive and over time their scents fade or change. I recently found a scent called Dyptique that was unisex and $88 that I had a mild obsession with, but I cannot justify buying scented alcohol for that much money. So, I prefer body splash. It's a little bit more affordable, hopefully lasts, and allows me to get sick of whatever I bought without feeling too guilty.

I was initially attracted by the packaging and name of this scent. Cotton wood made me think it would be a little more musky and less floral, which it is. This scent smells high end and unique despite the low price tag. It is light, sensual, and appealing. It feels like summer nights.

Body treats just sounds kind of gross. I would have chosen a name something like Serendipity, Occassion, or Recontrer. Body treats sounds like I'm slathered in sugar. I find that lots of perfume, particularly cheap perfume smells like an 8th grade girl at her first dance.  The other issue with lesser quality perfumes or body splashes is that they come in seriously unattractive packaging. I know this shouldn't matter, but it does. Sometimes the experience of a particular fragrance is not just the scent itself, but how you feel putting it on. The packaging plays a role in that. This product in particular lends itself greatly to your dresser or sink top. It has mint green packaging with a white label and grey lettering. It looks and smells like quite a bit more than $5.95. They also offer a body scrub in the same scent. 

Thanks for reading. Style me cheap...