Friday, June 28, 2013

Dress to Impress

I am not a fashion icon, fashionista, credit card maxer, or up on trends. I was a little late on the uptake of style, queen of hand me downs. I still am. I hate high heels. I wear the same shoes almost every day. My nails are generally polished with a side of chips. But there is something about getting a little dressed up that makes me feel great. Seeing as I just received my Masters in Social Work and am receiving my income from sporadic babysitting and selling used books on, I do not have the money to be a big shopper. I have found, that your style is a representation of who you are and who you want to be.  The minute I slip into pajamas for the whole day is a day I spend loathing myself for my un-employment and boredom. I put on some big girl pants do my hair and makeup and I am ready to take on the day and know that good things will be headed in my direction. In this blog I plan to share the tricks that I have uncovered to keep you feeling your best. Even as a fervent supporter of social workers, I think that this hobby/habit is cheaper than therapy. me cheap.

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