Friday, June 28, 2013

For all those beauty addicts

Some of us have a freak addiction to spa services. I am not one of those people. I do not get my nails, hair, skin, whatever they do at those places done regularly. So naturally, when I am going I am astounded by the prices that people will pay to have hair ripped out, skin picked at, and muscles rubbed down by strangers. But, to each his own.

I have found a few better ways to seek out some of these services, since I refuse to pay what seems to be a usual going rate when I'm am no one's regular. Unfortunately, a lot of these are only available in major cities.

Salon Apprentice
From the east to west coast, this website provides free and discounted salon services to you provided you are willing to take the risk to allow a student or junior stylist to provide those services. Often, they are under supervision. It may take them a bit longer to get the job done, but it will save you some money. Free haircuts or highlights. not bad.

This website is one of the better I've seen, and gets rave reviews from some of my friends. Want a Brazilian wax for $25 or teeth whitening for $60 and have reviews of the service from hundreds of users before you go? This is where to find it. Lifebooker has services in many major cities nationwide.

Other places also offer deals for Spa and Salon Services, but I have not found them to be as great as the aforementioned two.

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