Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A little red, white, and blue.

Red, white and blue. Being born on the fourth of July, this is one of my favorite color combinations. This top was purchased from Salvation Army for $3.50. It was originally from Banana Republic. The bottoms were also from Salvation Army, at a price of $5.25 and also originally from Banana Republic. The necklace was from a garage sale and cost $1.00. The belt came attached to a dress. The shoes are black flats (not included in total price) with a patent toe purchased from Payless, buy one get one half off for $25.00. I also have a nude pair.

Total Outfit Cost: $9.75

This outfit is easy to put together and is appropriate for almost any situation while still being fun. When I first bought this shirt and it was way to big. However, with some minor sewing machine alterations I was able to bring it in. I never knew how to do this but it is actually pretty easy. Put the shirt on, pinch the fabric to where it should be. Measure. Turn inside out. Mark where you want it brought in using the measurement you took on each side, for example 1 inch. Pin or draw straight line. Sew along those lines on both sides using a sewing machine or by hand. Done. You have a shirt that fits.