Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bring it on home

 Your home is an important part of your style; it's a backdrop to your life and influences your mood. Your home is something you can style cheaply as well as your wardrobe. The photos included in this post include some of the things that have been fashioned or found for my home. The above picture is an art display over my couch. The large frame was purchased for $10.00 from Ikea and was in their "slightly damaged" section. The slightly smaller ones I had around from some old art projects. Inside of the frames are pieces of building/maintenance plans from 1943 for streets in Chicago including Willow Rd., State St., Cicero Ave., and Howard St. I bought these plans for $5.00 at an antique market. The woman I purchased them from said that they were found in her friend's basement when she purchased a house. I like having a piece of history displayed in a modern way in my living room. I think this could be done easily with personal artwork, maps, old posters, etc. Art $15.00
Chairs $20.00
The furniture pieces featured here are the greatest chairs known to man. They are the epitome of comfort and style. They are brown leather modern chairs. Each chair was $10.00 on Craigslist. I placed a sheepskin rug over each of them. My point in showing these things to you is that you can get nice, stylish furniture and decor without breaking the bank, and that I also like scrabble. I plan to sit on these chairs for as long as possible. What are your best home finds? Any creative projects in your home?